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/Exact Online Inventory Management App Privacy and Use Statement
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The information you enter on the Exact Online Inventory Management or WareHouse Management System application can be stored in the database of Industrail IT for the proper functioning of the application. This information includes your e-mail address, user account, location and third-party accounts information. Send a message to Industrial IT If you want to have the information from your company removed from the database. The stored information is used internally by Industrial IT for development purposes and can be provided to third parties. Industrial IT can use your e-mail to inform you about app changes.

Make sure you have a back-up of your data and you can continu your work without this app. Industrial IT is not responsible for data loss or any damage caused by the failure or malfunction of the app or the related services.

The information is stored on a server in Netherlands. This application and its use is subject to the Dutch law. By using the products of Industrial IT, you agree to these terms of use.

Industrial IT has the possibility to stop, change prices, change functionality, these privacy an use statements or any other changes without prior notification. Using the app is at your own risk.
The user of this app may not make this app available to third parties, sell, rent, decompile, reverse engineer or modification without prior permission from the Foundation. The user is not allowed to delete or bypass the technical facilities which are intended to protect this app.
Industrial IT always has the right to modify the App, modify or delete data, the user using the app to deny, inter alia, to terminate the license to use app of the limit or the access to the application in whole or in part, deny temporary or permanent. Industrial IT will inform the user appropriately.
All intellectual property rights and / or similar rights on the (content) App, including the underlying software, images, video and sound clips, are owned solely and exclusively by Industrial IT or its licensors.
The app has been compiled with the utmost care. Industrial IT can not guarantee that the app will always be available without interruption, errors or defects or will work and that the information is complete, correct or up-to-date. Industrial IT reserves the right to discontinue, temporarily or permanently for the app (unannounced), without the user there can not derive any rights.
The Industrial IT user indemnifies all possible claims from third parties resulting from the use of the app, it does not or does not comply correctly with legal or contractual obligations towards Industrial IT, another user of the app or a third party. The user will pay for all damages and costs Industrial IT suffers as a result of such claims.
The user can terminate using this app by removing the app from their mobile device or uninstall.
In addition to this provision, the terms of Google Play apply. Google Play can impose conditions on it to obtain the app, using the app, making in-app purchases and related matters.
All rights to this app, the related documentation and all changes and extensions lie on it and stay with Industrial IT. The user only obtains the user of this app by taking out a subscription or through the use of the trial.
The user has the ability to make in-app purchases. For doing in-app purchases Industrial IT is dependent on Google Play’s payment system and the corresponding payment, for example, credit card vendors. Industrial IT is only obliged to apply the in-app purchases when payment has been confirmed by the payment system. By the free trial period of one month, you acknowledge that you have no right to revoke the payment under the law purchase on distance.
The app communicates by the internet with servers of Exact Online and Industrial IT to deliver the service. Industrial IT is doing its best to make these servers accessible as much as possible but gives no guarantees. From time to time may Industrial IT update their servers which can lead to temporary unavailability. Industrial IT is doing its best to inform you in advance. By performing updates it may occur that the service is temporarily unavailable. Industrial IT is not responsible for any damage caused by the failure of the service.
Industrial IT may assign its rights and obligations under this agreement to a third party who takes over the relevant business or copyrights.

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