Terms of service

The terms below apply:


  • Customer can use the Inventory Management App free of charge during the first month. After this month the customer has the possibility to continue using the service as software as a service (SaaS) by means of a subscription.
  • A monthly or annual subscription is available, whereby the subscription must be paid in advance. Subscription costs can be found in the Inventory Management App.
  • In the event of failure to pay (in time) the subscription, the Supplier has the right to discontinue the service.
  • The prices of the Inventory Management App are indexed annually with the Statistics Netherlands (CBS) Consumer Price Index (Consumenten Prijsindexcijfer).
  • The subscriptions are always renewed tacitly for the agreed period.
  • The monthly subscription can be canceled on a monthly basis with a minimum notice period of 1 month.
  • The annual subscription can be terminated annually with a minimum notice period of 1 month before the expiry of the subscription.
  • Cancellation of your subscription can be done via the App or by contacting the Supplier.


  • The Supplier makes every effort to ensure that the Inventory Management App functions correctly. Supplier can not guarantee that the app will always be available without interruptions, errors or defects or will work and that the information is complete, correct or up-to-date.
  • Supplier reserves the right to (temporarily) terminate the app (unannounced), without Customer being able to derive any rights from it.
  • The customer is responsible for having a good backup procedure to enable his process to function without the Inventory Management App.
  • Supplier is not responsible for data loss, incorrect data, direct or indirect damage due to the non-correct functioning of the app or related services. The use of the app is at your own risk.
  • The supplier is not responsible for any damage or subsequent damage caused by the app not working. The customer must have a back-up in case of a failure.
  • Customer indemnifies the Supplier against all possible claims from third parties arising from the use of the app. Customer pays all damage and costs that the Supplier suffers as a result of such claims.

Data storage and processing

  • The data that the Customer enters or makes available via the Inventory Management App can be stored and processed on one or more servers of the Supplier.
  • Information such as, but not limited to, contact details, personal details, employees, telephone number, e-mail address, location, IP address, cookies, stock, transactions are stored and processed for the proper functioning of the service.
  • The Client gives the Supplier permission to process the (personal) data.
  • These servers that Industrial IT uses are placed in Europa. The Supplier shall endeavor to take appropriate infrastructural and process-based measures to protect personal data against loss or unlawful processing.
  • The customer is and remains the owner of the data. If the Customer no longer wishes to use the service, the Supplier will remove the data 30 days after the end date of the subscription. At the request of the Customer, the Supplier can also delete this data before this time.
  • We keep your invoice data, such as contact details and invoices, the legal period of 7 years.
  • The data will only be used by Industrial IT internally in order to improve and / or further develop the service.
  • The Inventory Management App communicates via HTTPS only. The safest protocol on the internet.
  • Google Analytics is used for analysis of the Inventory Management App.


  • Supplier has the option to stop his services, change prices, functionality or these conditions without prior notification.
  • Supplier has the right to change the app and / or service, to change or delete data, to deny Customer temporary or complete access to the app without prior notification.


  • Customer may not make the app and / or related services available to third parties, sell, rent, decompile, reverse engineer and / or change without prior written permission from the Supplier.
  • Customer is not permitted to circumvent or remove technical restrictions developed to protect the app.
  • All intellectual property rights and / or similar rights on the (content) app, including the underlying software, images, video and sound clips, are exclusively and exclusively held by Industrial IT or its licensers.


  • Supplier does its best to make this service accessible as much as possible, but offers no guarantees.
  • From time to time Supplier can update the servers and / or software, which may lead to temporary unavailability. Supplier will do its best to make this unavailability as short as possible.
  • By performing updates it may happen that the service is temporarily unavailable. Updates will be carried out preferably outside office hours from 8 am to 5 pm Dutch time.
  • Supplier is not responsible for any damage caused by the non-functioning of the app and / or service.

Other conditions

  • When you use the app from the Google Play store, the terms of Google apply.
  • By using the free trial period of one month you acknowledge that you do not have the right to withdraw the payment under the legal purchase at a distance.
  • Dutch law is applicable. Disputes are handled by the court in Zutphen.
  • The Nederland ICT (2014) conditions¬†apply in addition to the above terms. The above conditions prevail over the Nederland ICT (2014) conditions.
  • This is an English translation of the Dutch-language conditions. The Dutch conditions apply.